Finding an inmate is not easy. With over 2 million people currently incarcerated in the US, searching for one person can be a daunting task. It only gets harder if you don’t know what state the inmate is in- each state maintains a separate database for its inmates! So imagine having to individually search for one person in each of the 50 databases of each state in the US… how long will that take you?

Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. Inmate Seeker helps you find your loved one in a fraction of the time. With our cutting-edge search technology and comprehensive database of over 18000 jails and prisons in the USA, you’ll be able to find your loved one with just a few (or enter number) clicks of your mouse. We also provide instructions on contacting, supporting and visiting an inmate based on what facility he/she is in. Try inmate seeker now and save yourself a ton of time and effort.



To help you find your friend, relative or person of interest, we’ll require two main pieces of information about them:

  • Full Name
  • Gender

The goal is to provide a single platform for inmate search. Whether you are looking information on a federal inmate or state prison inmate, one can directly search the information on our website. But inorder to conduct a successful search, one must provide the following information:

You can also include more information such as their date of birth, race, inmate ID and state of incarceration to narrow your search, but these are not required. We currently provide information of inmates held in Federal Prison, State Prison, County Jail, City Jail, Police Jail, Regional/Private Facility and Military Prisons

Search results are instant and also contain detailed information on contacting, supporting and visiting inmates. Scroll down to learn more about this.

So You’ve Found the Inmate Information, What next?

Why are you searching for this person? To Visit them? Send them Money? Call them? With inmate seeker, you’ll not only learn where your loved one is- you’ll learn how to connect with them. In addition to their location, we also let you know:

  • Name and address of the prison/jail
  • Phone number
  • Mailing Address (if applicable)
  • Instructions for sending money or mailing items
  • Visitation rules
  • Driving/transit directions
And more

With this much information at your disposal, you should have no problem reaching out to the person you are looking for.

With over 18000 prison facilities in our database, we are one of the largest and most up-to-date prison information directories online. Feel free to contact us for any questions or inquiries at